Angie Jeffords, Owner

As a businesswoman and community partner, you will find Angie’s commitment to your event to be both professional and passionate.

Angie has been designing and coordinating both small and large-scale events for over 25 years. She has an expertise in creating events that engage attendees and meet all of her clients’ individual needs and goals.

As a trained mediator and facilitator Angie’s skills in negotiation, team building, problem solving, and conflict resolution are a unique addition to your event planning needs.

Angie has a diverse portfolio of events ranging from outdoor athletic events festivals, arts and culture events, as well as marketing and networking workshops and seminars. Many of her events have raised significant funds for non-profit organizations and have created long lasting partnerships.

When Angie’s years of experience and broad vision for overall event production are combined with her ability to listen and transform her clients’ needs into custom events, the result is an extraordinary product. Her goal is to allow her clients to focus on what they do best while she works to do what she does best!